Send Bibles to Malawi!

Bibles Are Needed Right Now for Kasungu and Blantyre, Malawi

While we start our ministry in each new region with a conference, the long-term goal is ongoing discipleship. Pastors and lay leaders who attend the conferences begin men’s activities and start men’s discipleship groups, multiplying the ministry. In Kasungu, Malawi, pastors and men who launched men’s discipleship after our conference in April 2017 have seen their groups expand and new groups start. Our team lead reported: In Kasungu we have 597 new believers, and these men have come to Christ through M.O.V since 2017!” They need 180 more Bibles right now for some of the new believers.

In Blantyre, a conference was held with 150 men in February 2019. “Many of the churches have adopted the teaching of Men of Valor. A pastor told me that he held a seminar at his church, attended by over 30 men. Many activities to attract men are taking place, and men have found out ways of bringing other men to God and then to church. The men from Blantyre are zealous for the work of God, and they have asked for 175 Chichewa Bibles and 300 MOV Notebooks to use with new believers. The men that have been brought to Christ here through the MOV Discipleship Groups are 229.

Altogether, we need 355 Bibles for the new believing men in Kasungu and Blantyre. Chichewa Bibles in Malawi cost $10.22 each and along with transportation to these cities, overnight housing, and refreshments for a group gathering to hand out the Bibles, the total cost is $4,270.  (That’s $12.03/Bible. A gift of $120 will pay for 10 Bibles; $600 will cover $50 Bibles.)

We need your help!

All contributions to Men of Valor International are income tax deductible and are made with the understanding that Men of Valor International has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

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