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Heading to Africa

Following my time in Portugal, I flew south to Zambia, where I met up with teammate Mark Seager to conduct conferences in Zambia and Tanzania. Conference host, Pastor John Chellah of Faith Deeper Understanding Church, and a team of men from Ndola churches greeted us at the airport. I had spent considerable time with John in 2006 and 2008 when I assisted Ambassadors for Christ International in Leadership Training in Ndola, and he invited me back for this first MOV conference in Zambia. 

Largely attended by pastors of churches of 100-200 people, the MOV conferences in Ndola and Kitwe began with a message on “A Man’s Position” (Gideon was told that he was a mighty man of valor before he was given an assignment and before he did anything. The same is true for all men in Christ.) We then explored the biblical model for male leadership and a man’s value from God’s view; discussed why men don’t go to church, and what we can do about it ‒ provide men with connection (friendship and challenge); talked about providing opportunities for growth with mentoring, discipleship, and small groups; and explained why opportunities for service are necessary. The first day closed with a challenge to be men of integrity who make wise decisions.

In the second and third days, we discussed some practices of men of valor ‒ being in the Word (Mark taught a simple, practical method to study the Bible in small groups); standing firmly side by side with other men as support; maintaining good marriage and being a good father. We wrapped up by urging the men to live lives that will leave an everlasting legacy. After distributing The Measure of a Man to the attendees, we closed with a prayer of commitment.

Following two conferences in Zambia, we flew to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, for our third three-day event and, lastly, summarized the teachings to 22 students at the Church of God Bible College where Pastor Mbidu teaches. We also spoke in churches on the Sundays.

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