Why do you give pastors a Bible?

Sometimes, pastors have Bibles that are torn or lack full pages – they have only a partial or damaged Bible. Many pastors, especially from remote areas, have no Bible or depend only on the New Testament, as these might be easier to buy. Pastors who already have a Bible give the new Bible to a man in their church or community who has none.

Who supports Men of Valor trips?

Generous individuals, churches, and businesses make our MOV work possible. Men of Valor is not associated with a denomination or a particular church, nor do any of our staff currently receive a salary or a stipend. Team members raise support for trip expenses, and 100% of the monies raised go to those expenses. These include airfare, visas, and in-country transportation, housing, food, and water for the team; and conference costs such as notebooks and Bibles. Local churches cover other conference expenses.

How many trips do you do a year?

As an all-volunteer staff, the U.S.-based team has typically been doing two or three international trips per year, usually holding two to three conferences per trip. In 2019, we made two longer trips, conducting conferences in five countries. Of course, Covid-19 put a stop to international travel for a time, but in the meantime our African team leads continued their work leading conferences and discipleship programs. We have interest and invitations from many countries, and as our speaking staff grows and restrictions lift, we expect to be able to take on more.

What does my donation to Men of Valor do?

Your gifts make a huge difference in MOV’s ability to meet the requests for conferences. Your gifts make a difference in the lives of men and their marriages, families, churches, and communities as the men take to heart, apply, and act on God’s Word and His call on their lives. So many men say they didn’t know anything about biblical manhood before we came. It’s unlikely that these places will experience change in the long term if the men aren’t reached and discipled. You make that possible.

Men of Valor believes that if you can change the man you can change the marriage. That if you change the man you will change the family. That if you change the man, you will change the church, the community, the country... We believe change starts with addressing the root of the matter: The men. It’s unlikely that communities and countries will experience change in the long term if the men aren’t reached and discipled.

We want to see men become men of valor.