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Invest in Men

The sermons of Man of Valor assisted me very much. You really encouraged me, for I was a man who was so scared of taking

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Radio Broadcasts in Tanzania

Tanzania team lead Green Ngusa began broadcasting 30-minute “Man of Valor” radio programs in May. These air twice a week and include a response time

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Tanzania MOV Conference Video

Take a look at this short video compilation Green sent from several recent conferences. You’ll briefly see what happens at these conferences: men speaking to

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What a Year – Thanks to You!

Have you heard of these cities? Momba, Ipinda, Dodoma, Ndhiwa, Migeri, Nairobi, Mwaza Town, Blantyre, Nhamatanda, Nsanje, Nimba, Caldwell, and Buchanon. These are most of

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Successes of the Relay

U.S.-based teams from Men of Valor have traveled to over 20 countries, conducting men’s conferences, encouraging local pastors to get men involved,

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