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Transforming Conference in Liberia

MOV-Liberia team leads, Darlington and William, reported on a small but transforming conference they conducted in Paynesville at the beginning of February.

William wrote: “32 men including eight pastors from diverse churches met at Hilltop Baptist Church for an influential conference with a powerful impact. Conversations were lively and involved, and both the intellect and the hearts of the participants were renewed.

“It was interesting that some women asked to join the group to learn what their husbands and church men were receiving. The sessions were quite thought-provoking the first day. The mothers, wives, and sisters were touched and inspired by the lessons on The Five Roles of a Husband of Valor and A Father of Valor.

“Men pledged to assume accountability for the welfare of their families. Men admitted their shortcomings and promised to assist in resolving numerous conflicts. The fathers challenged themselves to protect their children from negativity in all its forms, and the husbands committed to loving, caring, providing for, befriending, and teaching their wives.

“We distributed Bibles and awarded certificates, and after the conference, we encouraged and challenged the pastors to begin men’s discipleship groups in their churches and communities.

“We praise God for this opportunity to raise godly men to stand in the gap for their families, churches, and communities. We trust God that the abundance of fruit from the seeds sown in that part of Liberia will flourish and extend to other parts of the country.”

What They Said

I learnt that as a man of valor, I should not give up when problems come my way. (Stephen L.)

I learnt that I should have nothing to do with evil, and I need a friend with the same godly mind. (Whiyongar G.)

God said to me that I should not support ungodly things and that my priority is to live by God’s word; I should first seek God’s business in my daily life and take full responsibility of things I am obligated to; I should serve as protector both spiritually and physically for my household; I should make use of my time. (Timothy K.)

Prayer Requests

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Monthly support for Brad.

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