What We Do

Men of Valor conducts conferences to jumpstart men’s outreach and discipleship.

We teach core biblical manhood. And in places where men have never heard this before, they find the Bible’s truths to be astounding. Many, many men have lost their way and their mission. MOV helps them to find it.

MOV helps them to understand how much they matter to God and we give them a clear understanding of their priorities and the necessary practices to live out who they are in Christ.

Men have a high calling!

In our Men of Valor conferences, we first teach men that God sees them as men of valor.

This is truth, not positive thinking. It is all over the Bible―when a man accepts Jesus as his Lord, he becomes a mighty man of valor.

Second, we show men why they are important to God and why God wants men to exercise positive influence and impact in his home, his church, and the community through responsible, accountable, godly manhood.

Third, we explain to them how to live as men of valor:

  • how to walk faithfully with their God as strong, holy, humble, prayerful men;
  • how to love their wives as Christ loves the church, exhibiting the five roles of a Husband of Valor;
  • how to be a Father of Valor, rejecting passivity and taking initiative, accepting responsibility, assessing the condition of their flock, and preparing their family to face life’s dangers and opportunities;
  • And that if they really want to stand strong in the battles of life, they must stand — and fight — together with a Christian brother. No man can live the Christian life alone.

Finally, we teach a man to consider his legacy and how he wants to be remembered after he’s gone. Some men are remembered for hundreds of years. Sometimes their words are inscribed in stone…or on hearts. We ask, “What will people remember about you? What will they remember about the men in your church?”

Our teaching teams consist of one to three godly, proven men from various churches who are experienced teachers and men’s ministry leaders.

We provide notebooks, pens, teaching aides, Bibles and books to launch men’s discipleship. We are also introducing the MOV Leader’s Guide so church leaders can replicate the conferences.

We train pastors what to teach, how to reach men, to retool their churches to attract men, and how to establish strong men’s outreach and retention ministries. 

Men of Valor has served thousands of men and their families from hundreds of churches.

Pastors; missionaries; church leaders; and regular guys, young and old, single and married, unchurched to mild churchgoers and committed layman report impact and conviction.  Hundreds have described renewed hearts, specific commitments, and vowed change: Men get saved, men ask forgiveness of their wives and families and restore relationships, men realize they need to be in prayer and Bible study, men get excited.  Given a man’s influence, the impact is huge.

We estimate that several thousand men are now in several hundred men’s discipleship groups that have formed since our inception. Before, most of them had no men’s teaching, Bible studies, or discipleship.


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