Don’t Forget the Men

Your church invests in missions around the world. We can help.


Sponsor a men’s discipleship jumpstart conference (short-term mission trip) in a country where you are supporting missionaries or local churches. We provide proven teachings, supporting notebooks, and instructors


Adopt and underwrite a men’s conference (travel, Bibles, training materials, etc.), sending an MOV team to a country location that we’ve arranged. We will report back on the men touched and what God accomplished, including a written report and testimonies, and photos. Share with your men and congregation the impact of the gospel on the lives of men that you made happen.


Invite us to do a jumpstart MOV discipleship summit or conference for the men in your church.  We are happy to present the same biblical truths to your men that we do around the world.

Southern Malawi

What the jumpstart conference does FOR your international target community:

What your men could do AFTER the conference:

Your men will change a local community by changing men.

What your men do AT the conference:

While our MOV missionaries teach the curriculum, your men will

Your men will be examples of God’s men of valor for the local men.

Benefits to your men and your church:

Your men will mature in Christ.

Men of Valor International conducts men’s conferences around the world.


Men of Valor International has led more than 60 conferences in 28 countries on five continents. We have a proven model for launching men’s discipleship. NOW is the time to reach, encourage and build the men in the communities you care about.

We must reach the men!  If we do not, we will not see strategic, long-term change in families and communities. Your men and your church can make a difference.

Three things you will want to know:

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