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How to Study the Word

How do we learn to study God’s Word? We’d like to share with you a simple approach to studying the Bible that you can practice

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Dads, Stay Involved

It is clear from God’s Word that a father is to be actively involved in his family’s life and world. Consider these instructions from the

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The Importance of Dad

There was a long period of silence following God’s messages to the Old Testament prophets. Malachi was the last prophet to convey God’s words to

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Do Our Prayers Matter?

My pastor says that we act only on what we believe. So let me put it to you―do you really believe praying brings about a

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A Time to Be Thankful

When David left Jerusalem and it looked as though Absalom would usurp his throne, David’s world was falling apart. This was an upsetting, desperate time.

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Playing Life’s Game

Are you familiar with the game of Monopoly? The goal of the game is to accumulate the most property and money and eventually force your opponents to go bankrupt. I call this goal the surface of the game.

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