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With your support, in places around the world where there is little or no outreach or ministry to men, MOV jump starts men’s discipleship through men’s conferences and the launching of men’s discipleship. Men are encouraged and inspired through MOV’s teaching about biblical manhood, God’s standard in every aspect of their lives, and acting on who they are as God sees them – a mighty man of valor!


Where Most Needed

Where Most Needed and undesignated gifts are used to cover a variety of expenses involved in the day-to-day running of the ministry. We also use monies from this fund to cover conference expenses that may not be covered from other sources. These funds are not used for salaries; all members of Men of Valor are volunteers.

Your gift to Where Needed Most ensures that we have the funds to continue being a vital catalyst and support to church leaders to pursue and disciple men, and to the men, churched and unchurched, who desperately need to know who they are in Christ and taught to live it out.

Bibles for Conferences and Discipleship

Bibles are typically one-half the total cost of a conference, yet they are the most important tool for any man of valor. We wish to give a Bible to every man who attends a complete conference. Men need the word of God to know and live the priorities and practices of God. Also, in many places, pastors and church leaders have only a partial or damaged Bible, or sometimes just pages from Bibles. Our country leaders work very hard to find quality Bibles at reasonable prices – a difficult task!

Country Leaders Support: Liberia, Malawi, Kenya, and Tanzania

MOV wants to raise up team leads around the world. Men who have seen God invigorate their own churches’ outreach to men through MOV and want to share that with other leaders in their country. MOV-Malawi has operated since 2016. MOV-Kenya and MOV-Tanzania launched in 2017 and 2018; MOV-Liberia launched in 2019.

Supporting national team leaders understand the culture, and their costs are five to eight times less than the cost of sending US-based teams. Country leaders are enthusiastic about partnering with MOV for training and support in reaching men in their country.  To date, they have held multiple jumpstart conferences launched hundreds of Men of Valor Discipleship Groups.

Your designated support for our country leaders in Liberia, Malawi, Kenya, and Tanzania will assist them to reach men, their families, churches and communities. Funds are for conference- and discipleship-related expenses only. These men receive no salary or stipend from MOV.

MOV-Malawi Across Borders: Conduct International Conferences & Launch New Country Teams

Since 2016, MOV-Malawi has led almost 20 conferences in Malawi and launched hundreds of men’s discipleship groups in dozens of churches that previously had none.

Due to their success in Malawi, the MOV Board has requested the Malawi Team to travel to neighboring countries for two purposes:  (1)  Conduct MOV conferences and launch men’s discipleship groups, and  (2) recruit and mentor new country leaders in neighboring countries, specifically Burundi, DR Congo, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe.

Supporting national MOV leaders is highly effective and efficient because they understand the local cultures, and their costs are much less than that of sending US-based teams. Our MOV-Malawi Team is enthusiastic about reaching neighboring countries. Can you help?  Conference costs include transportation, housing, venue, printing, advertising, Bibles, and food. 

All contributions to Men of Valor International are income tax deductible and are made with the understanding that Men of Valor International has complete discretion and control over the use of all donated funds.

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