How MOV Changes Men

Five Ways MOV Conferences Change Men

1. MOV tells men who they are.

We give the Gospel and we tell them who they are – as God sees them – a mighty man of valor! To men who have never heard about biblical manhood, the Bible’s truths are astounding! In every conference, men – from teens to elders, from unchurched to mild churchgoers and committed layman, from elders to pastors and missionaries – report impact and conviction. Hundreds have described renewed hearts, specific commitments, and vowed change. MOV motivates and inspires men to action.

2. MOV encourages and energizes.

We tell them that God has specifically called them – as a man and as a child of God – to live for Christ, as a warrior, in strength, and conviction. That they are already equipped by God: The Lord is with them – just like Moses, Joshua, the disciples, and many other “unqualified” men. MOV does not tell men what they’ve done wrong; we tell them to live out who they are, and why and how to apply what they already have in Christ (2 Peter 1:3).

3. MOV teaches biblical manhood.

The messages focus on studying the Word of God, about leading in their marriage and home, about being a godly father, about being a godly example in their workplaces. We challenge men to find one or two brothers that have their back, to stand strong together in the battles of life, and to live with their legacy in mind: how do they want to remembered by those they leave behind – what character, emotions, and memories will be written on the hearts of their wife, children, friends, boss, community members.

Topics Include:

  • A Man of Valor
  • A Man of Valor is a Man of the Word
  • A Father of Valor
  • Men of Valor Stand Together
  • Why Men?
  • The Five Roles of A Husband of Valor
  • A Man of Valor at Work
  • A Legacy of Valor

4. MOV trains church leaders.

We inform pastors how and what they should teach men. But we also tell pastors what they need to do to reach men: to rethink their church’s culture to be man-friendly, and what to do to attract, keep, and empower men to fulfill God’s vision for their community.

Topics Include:

  • Why Men Don’t Go to Church
  • Three Things Every Man Wants

5. MOV kickstarts discipleship.

We identify men who will immediately launch men’s discipleship groups and launch them at the conferences. We provide a bible study, and Bibles or men’s discipleship books.

The men leave the conferences with an action plan. They also leave enthused, encouraged, inspired, committed, and changed.