How MOV Changes Men

Five Ways MOV Conferences Change Men

1. MOV tells men who they are.

We give the Gospel and teach men how God sees them—as mighty men of valor! To men who have never heard about biblical manhood, the Bible’s truths are astounding. In every conference, men report impact, conviction, and commitment.

2. MOV encourages and energizes.

We tell them that God has called them to live for Christ as warriors—in strength and conviction. The Lord is with them just as He was with Moses, Joshua, and the disciples. We tell men to live out who they are and how to apply what they have in Christ (2 Pet. 1:3).

3. MOV teaches biblical manhood.

The messages focus on studying the Word of God, leading in their marriages and homes, being godly fathers, being godly examples in their workplaces, finding one or two brothers to stand strong together in the battles of life, and living with their legacies in mind.

Topics Include:

4. MOV trains church leaders.

We advise pastors how to reach men; to rethink their church’s culture to be man-friendly; and how to attract, keep, and empower men to fulfill God’s vision for them and the church.

Topics Include:

5. MOV kickstarts discipleship.

Local pastors identify men to lead men’s discipleship groups and launch them at the conferences. We provide Bibles, several Bible studies, and men’s discipleship books. Hundreds of groups have launched.

The men leave conferences encouraged, inspired, committed, and with an action plan.