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Christmas—The Gift of God’s Love

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the eternal gift of salvation God gives to us, I am grateful for your prayers and financial gifts that enable Men of Valor International to take the Word of God to men around the world.

Your donations help us give a Bible in the local language to every man who attends our men’s conferences. Many international churches have few men, and their pastors are not equipped to change that. Scripture, however, is clear about how crucially important God views men. MOV International teaches about a man’s position in Christ, his godly priorities, and strengthening practices. But it doesn’t just affect the men. Discipled men bless their families, churches, and communities!

Training Leaders, Reaching Men—Around the World

This past year we conducted 20 conferences in six countries where we handed out 1,425 Bibles, including 125 in the National Institute Penitentiary in Peru!

As we move into 2024, we are anticipating a very busy year, requiring trained teams ready to travel to conduct potentially 34 jumpstart men’s discipleship conferences in 17 countries. That’s more than we’ve ever done in one year—talk about a stretch goal! 

We don’t know what all may actually come to pass, but we need to prepare, for example, we may need 3,000 Bibles (double last year) to give to men who attend!  

Nothing is impossible with God, and through your donations, we are seeing His Hand of blessing and provision to fulfill the work He’s called us to. 

As this year ends, we ask for your contributions to help us take God’s word to more men in more places where God is leading us in 2024. I invite you to learn more about the work accomplished and lives impacted this past year by reading our end-of-year letter.

The easiest ways to give are to set up a one-time or monthly gift via credit card or bank account transfer on our donation page or to mail a check to the address below. However, there are other ways including stock donations, qualified charitable distributions, donor advised funds and more.  if you have questions.

Please tell others about our ministry and pray for us in the coming new year. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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