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MOV in the U.S.

“¾-day” Conference

Men of Valor held a 3/4-day conference at Community Bible Church in South Carolina for more than 200 men who came from eight churches, some even traveling from other states. We spoke about God seeing Christian men as men of valor already, but they need to be men of the Word and to stand together with a brother to be godly and effective. That’s a message all men need to understand! We received lots of feedback from newly encouraged and motivated men. (See “What They Said” below.)

Would your church want a ¾-day MOV Conference? Go to:

Startling Studies

We’ve been hearing about men’s groups studying Living as a Man of Valor (LMOV). Some men have reported when they study Ch. 8, The Five Roles of a Husband of Valor, that they’ve “never heard that before”! Astonishing—until you realize that men aren’t typically the ones reading marriage books. We’re excited that our men-focused discipleship book is bringing new information—not just about marriage, but also fatherhood, work ethics, servant leadership, real manhood, prayer, and much more—to many men even in the United States!

Have you read LMOV? Get your copy at and study it with a group of men!

Ready for an Adventure?

2024 promises to be very busy! We may be looking at 34 conferences in 17 countries this year! We are looking for mature, godly men from US churches to join trips to meet, pray, and encourage the men who attend and provide follow-up discipleship via video conference. Interested? Go to

What They Said

I realized I can no longer rely on the little time I’ve been spending in the Bible to get me through.

I see that I need to raise my boys as men and not wait until they are adults.

Men’s focus is a need in our ministry that I had not recognized, but by God’s grace, we will address that.

I really enjoyed the questions on the study ideas for men, and I’m going to ask men at work to study one day a week.

This conference has better equipped me to deal with non-believing men.

Prayer Requests

Mature, godly men to come along on trips.

Political stability in countries requesting MOV conferences.

Wisdom & God’s timing for conferences.

More US churches to sponsor international MOV conferences.

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