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Exciting Announcement from the MOV Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is extremely pleased to make a major announcement about Men of Valor: Brad Smith is now a part-time employee of MOV, and planning to go full time!

As you are aware, MOV was established by Brad in 2004 when he became aware that many churches around the world did not have men’s ministries and had little or no direct teaching for men. This resulted in very small numbers of men attending church, and the impact on their families and communities reflected this.

Since Brad’s first conference, MOV has grown to include more than 20 speakers who have taught in over 60 men’s conferences in 28 countries. This has resulted in over 1,000 men saved, hundreds of discipleship groups started, and many church plants. MOV has worked with AFCI, World Hope, and many ministries, churches, and missionaries. In addition, MOV offers a discipleship lesson every week to men in Kenya through Skype that is translated and rebroadcast by the host.  And, Brad’s book, Living as a Man of Valor, will soon be out!

So far, in 2022 alone, the Lord has led MOV to conduct 19 international conferences, with 50 to 110 men at each conference.  MOV also spoke at 3 events in the U.S. 
In these conferences, each man receives a Bible in his native language, he is taught the Scriptures that spell out the role of a godly man, and he is given a notebook to refer back to the teachings he received. Each man is then encouraged to join a men’s discipleship group formed out of attendees at the conference. MOV is thrilled to see men come to Christ and delve into the Word of God, and we stress giving our Lord Jesus Christ the glory for what He is doing through these conferences.

Brad has led MOV as Executive Director while maintaining a fulltime job outside of MOV.  For the last 2 years, the MOV Board of Directors has been praying about the next step of faith the ministry should take to expand our capabilities in service to Him. The Board and Brad became convinced that, in order to fulfill the opportunities presented by our Lord, we needed Brad to become part-time immediately, with the intention of him going full-time in the near future.

The Board is very proud of the work Brad has been doing through MOV for our Lord Jesus Christ. By making this step in Brad’s employment and preparing for the next, MOV is positioned to continue to grow in our teaching of biblical manhood to men all over the world.

We thank you for your interest in MOV. MOV now needs your support more than ever.  We ask you to prayerfully consider committing to support Brad monthly in his role as Executive Director of MOV.  You may do so by marking your gift “Brad support” on the memo line of your check (mail to MOV, PO Box 223793, Chantilly, VA 20153), or go here to donate online.

The Board of MOV sincerely thanks you for your continued support to Men of Valor International.

For Him and His men of valor worldwide,

The Men of Valor Board of Directors
Jamie Jackson, Chairman
John Cave
Ed Fruit    
Peter Larison
Mike Renner
Luke Snavely
James Wills

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