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MOV Works with Smyrna Ministries in Ghana

Bill Wilcox of Smyrna Ministries and I worked alongside Pastor J. Asare to lead 80 pastors, church leaders and laymen in a three-day, 13-session MOV conference in April.

Northern Ghana has been largely Muslim for 350 years, and most of the attendees were converts from nine tribes. Some came 25 miles each way by motorbike, bike, or on foot.

Did Men of Valor make a difference? Here are a few testimonies:

“It opened my eyes to know my responsibility as a male. ” -F. Fabawri

“It has been a new revelation to me of what is expected of a husband. It never occurred to me nor have I heard any teaching on reaching men and what would be the result on church growth.” -Rev.G.A. Queru

“Though a leader, I must also consider the decisions of my wife. I should be humble enough to say sorry to my wife – as a Dagomba it is very difficult… A man must break out of his silence to have a free flow of communication with his wife.” – anonymous

“This teaching should continue worldwide to encourage Christian men. This program is redefining the life Christian men should live. Men can really change the world if they understand God’s purposes for His creation.” -anonymousI learned what it means to be a man of valor, to be like Jesus in character, attitude, speech, etc., to fight as men, and stand for the truth.” -D.A. Sahy

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