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From One End of the Continent to the Other

A day after the Ghana conference, 30 students and professors from Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya and South Africa who attend university and Bible college in South Africa, as well as men from local churches, attended a weekend MOV conference in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. We were excited to instill a focus on men that will lead to reaching entire families and communities through these budding pastors.

Did Men of Valor make a difference? Here are a few testimonies:

“This has been a great awakening to the reality of the position and function of men in God’s eyes. I am not only equipped but fired up to do something…” – Rev. E. Mvdave

“I have a passion for reaching men but I had no strategies and teaching to do it. This gave me tools…” – Pastor J. Kutsira

“I have learned how I can approach the men in my community who feel the church is a place of women. I have learned a mistake that I do in preaching the messages that are neglecting the men, and the men don’t feel  challenged.” – S. Moyo“We are focused mainly on women in church because they constitute the largest number. Little did I know we are chasing the men away.” – Anonymous

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