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Derailed, But Not Demolished

Alex Marcus of Reston Bible Church and I spoke to 152 people in Burundi (October 2014).

The conference was hosted by Pastor Justin Kingongbe. As sometimes happens, 30% of the attendees were women because intentional men’s teaching is so unusual that the women assumed they were invited. Altogether, 17 churches were represented in this MOV “marriage conference.”

Here’s what one man wrote afterwards: “God is with me, a man of valor. As a man of valor, I can achieve great things, but I need another man closer to me for a deep, direct and dedicated friendship. God taught me how to reach out to more men, the right moment is now, start now!” –Lwanamya M.

Unfortunately, dehydration briefly hospitalized Alex, leading to us having to back out of the Tanzania conference that was planned next. Derailed? Yes, but MOV reached the destination anyway ‒ Justin and his associate took our materials and held the conference for us in December! 

We received this report from Nyarugusu, Tanzania:  

We thank the Almighty God for His blessings upon the running of the MOV Conference here at Nyarugusu Refugee Camp. Even though Brother Alex fell sick in Bujumbura, preventing you from journeying, you didn’t give up on our men and you sent Pastor Justin Kingombe and Nyandwi Fidele for the teaching.

The conference started with prayer early morning from 3am and went until11:30pm every day for the period of two days. We noticed the massive response of 200 invited men and 22 uninvited men. The participants were motivated by the posture of teachers and the attractive lessons from MOV. Skilled teachers taught people to retake their place as men in the society they live. –Pastor Rehani L.

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