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Assisting New Men’s Confederation in Paraguay

Teams from Pender Church in Fairfax, Va., have traveled to Paraguay for 25 years, conducting children’s and women’s programs.

Pender recently started supporting MOV and asked us to conduct their first men’s conference in Paraguay June 12 and 13. Bishop Pedro Magalhaes plans to use this to launch men’s ministries nationwide and to encourage men to be what God called them: men of valor. His goal is to develop a national confederation of men’s ministries to transform the culture.

Men lead and influence. If they accept Christ, live in Him, and follow the biblical mandate for manhood, their wives and children will follow. MOV believes that men want deep, direct, and dedicated friendships; they want to improve; and they want to make a difference, have an impact, and leave a legacy that inspires future generations. Bishop Pedro also has that vision. Guy Wilson, and Jesse Taylor, and I conducted this conference, working alongside a number of missionaries, including John Eisenberg, who has seen that the churches are generally feminine and uncomfortable for men. Before we came, John said, “I am excited about what you will be bringing to encourage the men in Paraguay. God bless you and prepare you for this incredibly valuable message to men!”

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