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MOV Travels to Lilongwe

Peter Larison and I went from Kenya to Malawi in February.

Charles Mwase of Christian Ministries International and his team of ten pastors and church leaders worked tirelessly to get the word out. Thanks to their personal invitations and radio advertising, somewhere between 70 to 100 churches from across the country were represented, and over the course of three days more and more pastors, church leaders, and men came until we had around 280! This was MOV’s largest conference to date and the first-ever men’s conference in Malawi.

We spoke to men about being godly husbands and fathers, about dedicating themselves to the Word of God before anything else, and about how to follow the Lord even in the workplace. But the message that really scored was “Why Men Don’t Go to Church”. From the first illustration, the men attending whooped or clapped and at some points stood up and cheered as they realized what they had been doing wrong and why Malawi suffers from having few men in church. Fourteen men stood up to commit to launching and leading men’s groups.

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