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MOV Goes to Jail!

At the invitation of Pastor Douglas, Brad went to Nairobi to teach men in the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison. The 120 men along with the guards and wardens enthusiastically responded as we taught on who they are according to the Bible, why studying the Word is vital, and why they need a close brother in their life. Most of these prisoners who attended are lifers or on death row, but they realized they could decide on a new legacy, understanding that Change Begins Here! Many have become saved and are being discipled through Douglas’s ministry, and some are starting churches in the prison.

A side benefit to the seminar was that the sound system carried the teachings throughout the prison. One regional warden said, “You have no idea how good this is for these men!”

Actually, yes we do.

One inmate said, “I have realized that I am not what people say I am or what I am going through. I am what the Word of God says.” Savim N.

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