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Spreading the News in Kenya

Brad led an MOV conference in Naivasha, Kenya, in May, 2017, for a small group of pastors and laymen. Pastor Steve Njenga, who had previously hosted a conference in nearby Eburru, worked with other pastors under his leadership to set this conference up, and he and Brad shared the speaking. Pastor Douglas Thuku was the organizer/host, and 14 discipleship groups launched!

Steve had previously commented that he’d like to get more involved with MOV, and after the conference, an energized group of attendees met to launch MOV-Kenya. Douglas wrote a week ago to say that he had his first seminar with 15 men in Nairobi who want to learn more about MOV.

Of course, ministry in Kenya has already been up and running. After the Eburru conference (Fall 2015), the 18 or so attending churches, including the local Catholic church, joined together to form a community men’s discipleship ministry. This group has been hosting Bible studies and meetings ever since, and they report that 100 men are still meeting monthly!

In addition, one of the men who attended an MOV Kibera (Nairobi) conference in 2016 has been doing remarkable ministry on his own. Bishop Michael Orieny, who oversees 10 small churches in Kenya, four in Tanzania, and two in Uganda, started teaching men immediately following the conference. He took the MOV notebooks, and has so far trained 500 men. He moves from one area to another on a weekly basis, training about five men at a time “under the trees”. He reports that he has a follow-up program of daily reading through the Bible, assisted by his pastors and church members. The group has spoken with the wives and families, too, and has been getting positive results—even from women who had left their husbands and are now returning to their marriages!

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