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Change of Plans in Tanzania – Or Was It?

Thank you for praying for our Across Borders conferences. The MOV-Malawi team held a three-day conference in northwestern Tanzania in August ‒ but not where we had originally intended.

After traveling several days by bus to get to the Congolese refugee camp, they were refused the entry pass. What did they do? Connected with a local pastor and rustled up men for a conference in Kigoma, the town outside the camp! Attendance started at 35 and grew to 127. Charles arranged for the remaining Bibles to be taken inside the refugee camp, and Pastor Rehani plans to use those and MOV notebooks to do his own conference.

Sometimes when we think we are being derailed, it turns out ministry is being multiplied! Praise God: He used the trip in a manner we had no way to anticipate. Pray that the Kigoma men ponder and apply what they heard to impact their communities, and the same for the men inside the camp through their own conference.

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