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Malawi Team Crosses Borders

Support from individuals, churches, and one business enabled us to send Charles Mwase from Malawi to neighboring Tanzania to conduct our first national-to-national “Across Borders” conference!

Charles reported:

It was wonderful to see men coming with one accord. Some men came as far as 70 km to attend. They were very eager in writing down the points that were spoken about. In time of group discussion, church leaders were much attentive and were free to discuss and contribute ideas. Pastors also approached us to invite us to their churches.

Each man received a Bible, and 10 men will lead Bible study groups so that this teaching should spread to other parts of Mbeya. We said that they should meet once a week and we gave them some notebooks that were left.

The conference was attended by 205 church leaders from 22 churches. The pastors were challenged so much and they have taken a stand to change their churches and … start working out where they were failing. I would like to thank the team in USA for trusting the MOV-Malawi team to go to other nations to preach this message.

We don’t take this for granted but we really appreciate that Jesus Christ is using us like this. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.

Your prayers and support make this possible! Your support is changing individuals, homes, churches, and communities – now through national leaders, too. Thank you! The next Across Borders conference will be in Kigoma, Tanzania – stay tuned!

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