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Liberia Full Steam Ahead

We led a conference in Monrovia in February, and are very happy to announce that in June, Pastor Titus Davis, president of the Evangelical Free Church of West Africa, and Darlington Gbah, pastor of the Caldwell Evangelical Free Church, conducted their first MOV training at the Caldwell church in Monsterrado County.

There were 24 men at the training, two of whom were from other denominations and asked for the training to be brought to their churches. MOV-Liberia’s first resulting MOV conference was held in the port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County in July, and 29 men attended that training. These are not grand events in numbers, but strategically important in the lives of the men, families, churches, and communities.

Titus is just getting started. As president of the denomination for his region, Titus has influence in over 1,000 churches in 14 countries and plans to conduct MOV conference throughout those countries as funds come in.

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