Reaching Men Internationally

Is your church reaching men in the places you care about?

Your church is actively invested and involved around the world. Have you reached the men in those communities? MOV can be your partner to bring a specific focus to reach and build men in those countries. MOV has led over 50 conferences in 22 countries; we have a proven model for launching men’s discipleship.

Sponsor an MOV conference where you are already invested.

Perhaps share the teaching…and commit to fostering and continuing men’s discipleship in that community.  We are not asking you to fund a conference; we are asking you to lead a movement.

Here’s what the conference does for your target community:

After the conference, MOV requests that the men of your church:

How might this benefit your men?

This will strengthen your men’s discipleship.

Men of Valor International conducts men’s conferences around the world.

Pastors, church leaders, laymen, and unchurched men attend…with excitement! Because often there has never been a men’s conference in their community, region, or sometimes their country. Many churches outside the US have no men’s discipleship efforts. Most churches have few men compared to the number of women, and church leaders are often discouraged and perplexed about how to reach and retain men.

MOV teaches biblical manhood. MOV teaches a man’s position, his priorities, and his practices (see MOV’s Core Messages). The intent of these positive, encouraging, energizing, transforming conferences is to help men understand how God sees them; His role for them in the marriage, home, community, workplace, and church; and how He has equipped them. MOV gives every man a Bible or a men’s discipleship book. Our teachers train church leaders on what to teach men. The other twenty percent of the teaching is on how to start and grow a compelling men’s discipleship ministry.

In places where men have never heard about biblical manhood, the astounding biblical truths lead them to rethink who they are and what they do.

In every conference, men – from teens to elders, from unchurched to mild churchgoers and committed layman, from elders to pastors and missionaries – report impact and conviction. Hundreds have described renewed hearts, specific commitments, and vowed change.



Men leave the conferences enthused, encouraged, inspired, and changed.

In 2018, over 65 men’s discipleship groups launched immediately following conferences. Testimonies received from church leaders document success with men’s outreach events, Bible studies, and service initiatives in the communities.

Discipleship changes everything. If we can reach the man, we can reach the marriage, we can reach the family, the workplace, the church, and the community. If we can reach the man, we can restore families, revive churches, and rebuild communities for the glory of Christ.

In many international settings, churches are doing very little for men. Yet the Lord has made it clear in His Word how crucially important men are: their high calling to leadership and service, and their critical role and impact in the family, in the church, and in the society.

There are many organizations both public and private, Christian and secular, sending money and launching programs for children and women – all good and all biblical – but few programs are designed to reach and build men. Yet the problems in many communities around the world start with the men. You can change that.

Let’s together reach communities for Christ – through building men of valor.