Author: Brad Smith

God Can Use Anyone

God works with very imperfect people. He has used men with broken, messed-up pasts who made mistakes—some of them big mistakes. Look at these examples:

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The Lord Is with You

Every man wants to know that someone believes in him. Every man wants to know that he has someone right there with him. God made us to need one another, to stand together.

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Who Are You?

Whenever a stranger mysteriously appears and does something amazing, spectacular, perhaps even lifesaving, it is the first question people ask: “Who was that? Where did he come from?”

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On the Horizon for 2019

Wow! Look at the requests coming in for 2019: U.S.-based speakers are being asked to go to Sierra Leone and Liberia (February), Romania and Germany

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Malawi Team Crosses Borders

Support from individuals, churches, and one business enabled us to send Charles Mwase from Malawi to neighboring Tanzania to conduct our first national-to-national “Across Borders” conference!

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Learning to Flex

Several times Paul’s hopes or plans for his journeys did not materialize. He had to flex when God opened doors – or closed them. In

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