Author: Brad Smith

Dads, Stay Involved

It is clear from God’s Word that a father is to be actively involved in his family’s life and world. Consider these instructions from the

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The Importance of Dad

There was a long period of silence following God’s messages to the Old Testament prophets. Malachi was the last prophet to convey God’s words to

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What a Year – Thanks to You!

Have you heard of these cities? Momba, Ipinda, Dodoma, Ndhiwa, Migeri, Nairobi, Mwaza Town, Blantyre, Nhamatanda, Nsanje, Nimba, Caldwell, and Buchanon. These are most of

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A Time to Be Thankful

When David left Jerusalem and it looked as though Absalom would usurp his throne, David’s world was falling apart. This was an upsetting, desperate time.

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